Pedal triggers V2 – Double

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This package is made for double pedals users!

It comes with :

  • 2 bass drum pedal triggers
  • 4 Kaptor Mounting System ©
  • 4 Mountings for the Jack plug
  • 8 pieces of super strong 3M™ double face tape for each mounting
  • 1 strong carrying case

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Pedal triggers V2 – Double


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8 reviews for Pedal triggers V2 – Double

  1. Alex

    There are many good reasons to use triggers, but not everyone has the same use for them. Personally, I use them mostly for my bass drum monitoring. It allows me to hear each hit more precisely and thus to correct small imperfections more easily. I’ve been using triggers with a traditional system (sensor directly on the skin) for a few years now, unfortunately if this technology works very well in my room with my drums, it’s not as reliable in concert when I play, for example, on another drum set, with different skin tensions. That’s why I chose to work with Kaptor Triggers which offers a captation directly on the pedal, which greatly avoids the problems of faulse triggering etc… Besides, it’s a French brand and I like that. I had the opportunity to talk with Thomas, the creator of the brand, who is an excellent drummer, and this is important because he confided to me, long before we talked about partnership, that he had started because he was dissatisfied with the competitors’ products (I should point out that at that time, he did not know that I was using triggers, as my playing did not particularly require them). Concerning the after-sales service, he is very attentive to give me advices, especially about settings, as a real enthusiast, I imagine that he does it for everyone. To be honest, I hate electronics and I still have to tinker a bit to find the best setting, but it’s already very satisfying when I didn’t spend more than 5mn on it. For all these reasons, I have full confidence in Kaptor Triggers and its founder Thomas.

  2. Thomas Njodr

    After testing several different trigger systems, I finally found one that worked perfectly. There was always something wrong with my previous choices: the resistance was not as strong as expected, double triggers, questionable manufacturing, etc…

    With the Kaptor trigger, I finally found a product that works, reliable, solid, of good quality and on top of that…made in France!

    I use Czarcie Kopyto for which I am also endorsed and the Kaptor Trigger works very well with my pedals coupled with my TM-2 module.

    Moreover, with the new version of the triggers, it is even easier to adjust the sensor.
    No more need to have a drum clamping key at hand, everything can be adjusted by hand with the new adjustment system integrated in the sensor.

    No more stress about playing on other bass drums than mine, always wondering if I’ll be able to touch the bass drum settings, if I’ll have resonances that will interfere with my playing, etc… With the Kaptor Trigger, these fears are over and are replaced by simplicity and reliability.

  3. Simon McKay (The Agonist)

    I am very excited to announce a partnership with Kaptor triggers! Pedal mounted triggers are essential nowadays for clean metal drumming, so I was very curious when I met Thomas (the founder) on tour, and decided to give them a try. I have to say that now, I am not worried in the slightest about missed bass drum notes anymore! These triggers are able to pick up all my articulations, from quiet, to the loudest hits. It feels great to have a technology that allows me to never question my playing, and just focus on bringing the best show possible. The locking system is also very reliable, and means no need for constant adjustment. You can just set it, lock it, and forget about it. I highly recommend you give them a try!

  4. Ben Jaksch (Deficiency)

    Reluctant at first, because this type of sensor seemed to me to be intended for extreme speeds. In fact, these sensors do the job just as well in more relaxed styles. The biggest advantage in my opinion, is that there’s no need to change the settings of the module when I play on other kits, no more false triggers, just plug in and it works!

  5. Butch Akiavel

    No more false triggerings, simple settings, super reliable and rock solid, the Kaptor Triggers have definitely reconciled me with triggers! Congratulations to the whole team!

  6. Jordan RB

    Pour ma part c’est une première pour moi d’utiliser des triggers car pour mon jeu je n’en avais pas forcément l’utilité. Mais en me renseignant à droite à gauche et surtout pour les concerts je me suis dis que ça pouvait être une très bonne chose si ça pouvait améliorer mon jeu et la qualité du son de la grosse caisse en concert. J’ai alors décidé de me prendre un trigger, mais lequel ? Merci à mes copains batteur qui m’ont conseillé d’aller chez Kaptortriggers ! Et c’est carrément un super bon produit avec un super prix ! Il n’y a pas mieux sur le marché ! Une installation facile , pas besoin de bricoler la pédale. Thomas qui est à la tête de cette structure est vraiment très attentif sur la demande du client et du besoin ! SAV au top et très réactif ! C’est avec beaucoup de joie que je rejoins la famille Kaptortriggers !
    Stay thrash !!

  7. Thomas Bernhardt (verified owner)

    I have tested many trigger systems for a Czarcie Kopyto pedals and have not been satisfied with any of them. I always had problems with double triggers and settings.

    With the Kaptor Triggers, the whole story finally came to an end. Easy to set up and without the hassle of hours of tuning with the TM-2 module. Great and solid quality, easy to adjust, very precise and finally a decent cable holder.

    For me they are the best triggers I have used, tested and played live!

  8. Parker Yowell

    I’ve used many different kick triggers on tour and in the studio over the years, but hadn’t found one that solved every issue I had, until I tried Kaptor Triggers. Not only do they pick up each hit accurately whether I’m playing single or double strokes, but they don’t damage my pedal. Another feature that Kaptor offers is the option to mount the input jack to the pedal. This prevents the cable from taking damage in transit, and will prevent issues that could affect your performance. These are incredibly easy to set up and adjust. It’s designed in a way that doesn’t require extra tools to adjust it to your footboard height, and this makes it very easy to set up. I would highly recommend these to any drummer who is looking for a consistent and reliable trigger!

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