Developed and crafted in France

Ultra resistant
Made with materials used in the industry


Compatible with almost all pedals and drum modules

Very fast set up 

15 days trial satisfied or refunded policy

Shipping worldwide


Made by a drummer FOR drummers !

We are an innovative french company created by a professionnal drummer in order to offer a new solution for pedal triggering.

Our key words are RESPONSE, DURABILITY, and FLEXIBILITY. We’ve put a lot of efforts in the design and the choice of the materials we use to build our products. Our goal is to offer the most responsive and solid triggers compatible with the most pedals on the market, CATCH ALL YOUR HITS FOR A VERY LONG TIME !

We always try to bring some improvements so if you have any suggestions, feel free to write us !

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Install your Kaptors in 5 minutes !

Fix your Kaptors on your pedals.

Ajust the height of your Kaptors.

Plug to your module and play !


We are very proud to count these talented artists among our users!


Full explanation video by our artist Quentin Regnault

Here you can see our Products in action !

The Kaptor Triggers are one of the most accurate and reliable pedal mounted triggers I’ve ever tried. The use of plastic for the sensor is a total game changer as it is extremely solid, silent and prevents the problems of rebound of the footboard on the trigger. The holders are a great innovation as you can simply remove the triggers without removing the tape from the pedal and you can install the triggers on another pair of pedals within a few seconds. You can adjust very precisely the height of the triggers with a key and you can be sure that it won’t move, even after numerous intense practice sessions. Kaptor Triggers are the definitely the new standards in the pedal mounted triggers market.
Gaël Féret
Solid gear, “under the pedal” way of triggering, Kaptors allow me to use both swivel and heel toe techniques on low tension drumheads. I can set the treshold and sensivity without worrying about a bass amp retrigg or a tom/snare bleed which is a big change from traditional systems. The fact that the sensor itself isn’t something you bend, but a defined height you can screw, is a plus and provides a longer lifetime.
César Vesvre
This is the first time I’m using pedal triggers. I’ve always been using head mounted ones, until now.
What I aim to achieve by triggering my bass drum, is to have a powerful yet dynamic kick sound, easy to mix for the sound engineer. With those head triggers, I was always struggling to find the sweet setting spot on my 2BOX module.
I had to avoid any false triggering from the vibrations of the head, from the snare hits, but also detect fast and low velocity hits, AND keep a certain amount of dynamic. But now, with the Kaptor Triggers, it’s a life changer for me.
Not only they’re solid and reliable to be used with my Polish tank pedals (Czarcie Kopyto), easy to install and set up, they also make the settings so much easier to mess up with.
No more vibration disturbances, I can set the threshold and the velocity curve as I want.
I can finally choose to have a triggered kick sound that perfectly follows the real dynamic of my hits, or a death metal machine-gun like kick sound, even on a low head tension !
Not to mention that I’m now able to play on other bass drums, without having to touch any settings of my module.
That’s definitely a yes!
Quentin Regnault
I have been playing with standard mics for a long time, but I have often had trigger issues. Kaptor Triggers solved my problems! These sensors are very precise and solid! No chance of breaking them (with normal use …). I can play another bass drum quickly without having to change my settings! Made in France! Fast and very secure shipping!
The kaptor trigger is in my opinion the best trigger on the market today. It is extremely solid and its mounting system, in addition to increasing the stability of the trigger itself, ensures ease of disassembly and reassembly, moving it from one pedal to another and thus avoiding the use of excess adhesive tape. In fact, in the box it is possible to find 4 mounting systems that guarantee the easy use of the triggers on four single pedals or on two double pedals. My favorite aspect of the trigger is that it has a system that allows you to raise and lower the trigger sensor pad to your liking, and its robustness is ensured by an easy-to-use screw. This ensures that even those with very “heavy” feet do not have to reset the trigger every time because the sensor moves down. As if this were not enough, the kaptor trigger has a really dynamic profile that makes it much more beautiful, and obviously functional, than many triggers on the market today and which also cost much more. I really recommend this trigger to everyone and I’m sure I’ll get more in the future.
Marco Berrettoni Kaptor Triggers
Marco Berrettoni
I’ve had a lot of experience with triggers, from the ddrum pro and Roland hoop mounted style, as well as Footblasters, and I can honestly say the Kaptors are the best design to come to the game so far! These triggers simply work! Once you get them mounted, you’ll notice right away how responsive they are. The plastic sensor design really does prevent double-triggering, even with the sensitivity cranked! I can’t recommend this setup enough. The instructions are included via a QR code that you scan to watch a full video, and if you have questions, you’ll get a response very quickly; the personal service makes everything a lot easier, and I asked a lot of questions! I use the Roland TM-2 module and these work like a dream with no issues, even at 32nd note speeds.
Jake Hohnstein


Kaptors are compatible with all the pedals with a base under the footboard.

YES they are compatible with ALL foot techniques ! 

It appears that after a lot of tests we made with other materials, plastic match perfectly with all we ask to a trigger : precision, durability and reactivity ! That’s why we decided to use plastic 🙂


They are very quiet and doesn’t damage your pedal !

YES ! If your module allow dynamics and if you set it up for that!

Pedal triggers are WAY MORE EFFICIENT than head triggers, for many reasons : 

  • They are paired so each trigger takes half less hits than a single head trigger, that allows them to be more precise at very high tempos.
  • Once you’ve set your triggers for your pedals, if you use a different bass drum (like in touring situations where you use common backline) you don’t need to re-set them. That’s very useful and you win a lot of time !
  • Because they are fixed to your pedals, you don’t need to attach them each time you change your bass drum as well AND they are not subject to the vibrations of the other instruments of your drumkit when are hitted so there’s no false triggering from them AT ALL !
  • You can play on a practice pad and still have your bass drum sound from your triggers !

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