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Ultra resistant
and reliable


Compatible with almost all pedals and drum modules

Very responsive, even at very high tempos 

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Made by a drummer FOR drummers !

Kaptor Triggers is the leading provider of high-quality pedal-mounted drum triggers. Our company, founded by a professional drummer, offers reliable, responsive, and compatible drum triggers for the most bass drum pedals and trigger modules on the market. As drummers ourselves, we understand the needs of drummers and have designed our triggers to meet those needs.

Our mission at Kaptor Triggers is to provide the best pedal-mounted drum triggers on the market and to offer excellent customer service. We are proud to have a growing roster of professional drummers using our product, and we have received very positive feedbacks from our customers.

If you’re searching for the best pedal-mounted drum triggers, look no further than Kaptor Triggers. Our company’s dedication to providing high-quality, reliable drum triggers and superior customer service sets us apart in the industry.




We are very proud to count these talented artists among our users!


Full explanation video by Quentin Regnault

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The Kaptor Triggers are one of the most accurate and reliable pedal mounted triggers I’ve ever tried. The use of plastic for the sensor is a total game changer as it is extremely solid, silent and prevents the problems of rebound of the footboard on the trigger. The holders are a great innovation as you can simply remove the triggers without removing the tape from the pedal and you can install the triggers on another pair of pedals within a few seconds. You can adjust very precisely the height of the triggers with a key and you can be sure that it won’t move, even after numerous intense practice sessions. Kaptor Triggers are the definitely the new standards in the pedal mounted triggers market.
There are many good reasons to use triggers, but not everyone has the same use for them. Personally, I use them mostly for my bass drum monitoring. It allows me to hear each hit more precisely and thus to correct small imperfections more easily. I've been using triggers with a traditional system (sensor directly on the skin) for a few years now, unfortunately if this technology works very well in my room with my drums, it's not as reliable in concert when I play, for example, on another drum set, with different skin tensions. That's why I chose to work with Kaptor Triggers which offers a captation directly on the pedal, which greatly avoids the problems of faulse triggering etc... Besides, it's a French brand and I like that. I had the opportunity to talk with Thomas, the creator of the brand, who is an excellent drummer, and this is important because he confided to me, long before we talked about partnership, that he had started because he was dissatisfied with the competitors' products (I should point out that at that time, he did not know that I was using triggers, as my playing did not particularly require them). Concerning the after-sales service, he is very attentive to give me advices, especially about settings, as a real enthusiast, I imagine that he does it for everyone. To be honest, I hate electronics and I still have to tinker a bit to find the best setting, but it's already very satisfying when I didn't spend more than 5mn on it. For all these reasons, I have full confidence in Kaptor Triggers and its founder Thomas.
This is the first time I’m using pedal triggers. I’ve always been using head mounted ones, until now.
What I aim to achieve by triggering my bass drum, is to have a powerful yet dynamic kick sound, easy to mix for the sound engineer. With those head triggers, I was always struggling to find the sweet setting spot on my 2BOX module.
I had to avoid any false triggering from the vibrations of the head, from the snare hits, but also detect fast and low velocity hits, AND keep a certain amount of dynamic. But now, with the Kaptor Triggers, it’s a life changer for me.
Not only they’re solid and reliable to be used with my Polish tank pedals (Czarcie Kopyto), easy to install and set up, they also make the settings so much easier to mess up with.
No more vibration disturbances, I can set the threshold and the velocity curve as I want.
I can finally choose to have a triggered kick sound that perfectly follows the real dynamic of my hits, or a death metal machine-gun like kick sound, even on a low head tension !
Not to mention that I’m now able to play on other bass drums, without having to touch any settings of my module.
That’s definitely a yes!
I have been playing with standard mics for a long time, but I have often had trigger issues. Kaptor Triggers solved my problems! These sensors are very precise and solid! No chance of breaking them (with normal use …). I can play another bass drum quickly without having to change my settings! Made in France! Fast and very secure shipping!
The kaptor trigger is in my opinion the best trigger on the market today. It is extremely solid and its mounting system, in addition to increasing the stability of the trigger itself, ensures ease of disassembly and reassembly, moving it from one pedal to another and thus avoiding the use of excess adhesive tape. In fact, in the box it is possible to find 4 mounting systems that guarantee the easy use of the triggers on four single pedals or on two double pedals. My favorite aspect of the trigger is that it has a system that allows you to raise and lower the trigger sensor pad to your liking, and its robustness is ensured by an easy-to-use screw. This ensures that even those with very “heavy” feet do not have to reset the trigger every time because the sensor moves down. As if this were not enough, the kaptor trigger has a really dynamic profile that makes it much more beautiful, and obviously functional, than many triggers on the market today and which also cost much more. I really recommend this trigger to everyone and I’m sure I’ll get more in the future.
I’ve had a lot of experience with triggers, from the ddrum pro and Roland hoop mounted style, as well as Footblasters, and I can honestly say the Kaptors are the best design to come to the game so far! These triggers simply work! Once you get them mounted, you’ll notice right away how responsive they are. The plastic sensor design really does prevent double-triggering, even with the sensitivity cranked! I can’t recommend this setup enough. The instructions are included via a QR code that you scan to watch a full video, and if you have questions, you’ll get a response very quickly; the personal service makes everything a lot easier, and I asked a lot of questions! I use the Roland TM-2 module and these work like a dream with no issues, even at 32nd note speeds.
After testing several different trigger systems, I finally found one that worked perfectly. There was always something wrong with my previous choices: the resistance was not as strong as expected, double triggers, questionable manufacturing, etc... With the Kaptor trigger, I finally found a product that works, reliable, solid, of good quality and on top of that...made in France! I use Czarcie Kopyto for which I am also endorsed and the Kaptor Trigger works very well with my pedals coupled with my TM-2 module. Moreover, with the new version of the triggers, it is even easier to adjust the sensor. No more need to have a drum clamping key at hand, everything can be adjusted by hand with the new adjustment system integrated in the sensor. No more stress about playing on other bass drums than mine, always wondering if I'll be able to touch the bass drum settings, if I'll have resonances that will interfere with my playing, etc... With the Kaptor Trigger, these fears are over and are replaced by simplicity and reliability.
I've been using triggers for years, tried different models but I quickly encountered difficulties with settings and reliability. I then declined the skin-mounted sensors and concentrated on the pedal-mounted ones. When you are on tour, you need solid, easy to use, durable and quick to set up equipment. Moreover, I prefer what is produced in France. I stumbled upon the Kaptor Triggers and I was delighted. I would like to point out that they are very solid and very sensitive. I didn't feel the need to adjust my module any more for a simply incredible playing comfort. These sensors are now inked on my pedals. Go for it with your eyes closed!
Kaptor triggers are just the most accurate, solid and reliable pedals mounted triggers. This is the first time I use this kind of triggers. It's way better than all others type of triggers on the market in my opinion. With this system you're sure to do not have some false triggering from the head... It works with all modules. I use the kaptors with a roland module and it works perfectly. I'm really happy, it's a game changer. Bravo Kaptor Triggers!
Whatever your bass drum technique is, what you need is to be heard. When playing fast double bass you need to be able to get through the guitar wall, and triggers are the solution. I've been searching for the perfect triggering solution for years. I've tried a lot of products: Hoop mounted, built-in, ekits and pedal mounted triggers. None is as reliable as Kaptor Triggers. Compared to other brands, Kaptor doesn't have a bending plate for height setting. Instead it uses a set screw, and once set, it will never move. In addition the mounting support system allows you to change your settings without lying down on the floor, and without tool. Even better, after one year of heavy use, there is absolutely no sign of wear at all. Support is also quick, friendly, and performed by the designer himself. Kaptor Triggers installed on my Czarcie Kopyto pedals is the perfect combination to make my drumming in Inward as precise as it can be. Support Made In France!
For me it's a first to use triggers because for my playing I didn't necessarily have the use of it. But by asking around and especially for concerts I thought it could be a very good thing if it could improve my playing and the sound quality of the bass drum in concert. So I decided to get a trigger, but which one? Thanks to my drummers friends who advised me to go to Kaptortriggers! And it's definitely a great product with a great price! There is no better on the market! Easy installation, no need to tinker with the pedal. Thomas who is at the head of this company is really very attentive on the request of the customer and the need! After sales service is at the top and very reactive! It is with great joy that I join the Kaptortriggers family! Stay thrash !
They are the best triggers I have tried, better precision, better design, easy way to adjust, the best!
Reluctant at first, because this type of sensor seemed to me to be intended for extreme speeds. In fact, these sensors do the job just as well in more relaxed styles. The biggest advantage in my opinion, is that there's no need to change the settings of the module when I play on other kits, no more false triggers, just plug in and it works!
No more false triggerings, simple settings, super reliable and rock solid, the Kaptor Triggers have definitely reconciled me with triggers! Congratulations to the whole team!
I am very excited to announce a partnership with Kaptor triggers! Pedal mounted triggers are essential nowadays for clean metal drumming, so I was very curious when I met Thomas (the founder) on tour, and decided to give them a try. I have to say that now, I am not worried in the slightest about missed bass drum notes anymore! These triggers are able to pick up all my articulations, from quiet, to the loudest hits. It feels great to have a technology that allows me to never question my playing, and just focus on bringing the best show possible. The locking system is also very reliable, and means no need for constant adjustment. You can just set it, lock it, and forget about it. I highly recommend you give them a try!
I've already worked with pedal mounted triggers in the past but always disliked having to bend a thin piece of metal to adjust the trigger. It just wouldn't hold its position and would ultimately break. When I found Kaptor Triggers on Instagram and saw the little adjustment screw I immediately wanted to try them out! And with the right settings I got them to work greatly with both my Swivel and Heeltoe playing!
I've used many different kick triggers on tour and in the studio over the years, but hadn't found one that solved every issue I had, until I tried Kaptor Triggers. Not only do they pick up each hit accurately whether I'm playing single or double strokes, but they don't damage my pedal. Another feature that Kaptor offers is the option to mount the input jack to the pedal. This prevents the cable from taking damage in transit, and will prevent issues that could affect your performance. These are incredibly easy to set up and adjust. It's designed in a way that doesn't require extra tools to adjust it to your footboard height, and this makes it very easy to set up. I would highly recommend these to any drummer who is looking for a consistent and reliable trigger!
I have been playing for over three decades now, and all the pet peeves I have encountered with triggering are long gone. Took me 5 minutes to plug in and adjust settings....That easy to set up and use! No misfires, double triggering or other problems, Nothing!! By definition user friendly. I highly recommend to put your choice on Kaptor triggers, by far the best on the market at an affordable price. Either for recording in my studio, personal monitoring, or live usage, it all just dials in easy. Very sturdy, reliable and beautiful product that comes in a very nice packaging with extra parts and more. Now I can work in all environments with peace of mind.
Kaptor triggers are the most accurate and precise pedal triggers I’ve ever used. They are very durable and reliable. I’ve been using them on this current Seven Spires European tour and I can safely say I will be using them on all future tours! When set up properly, Kaptor triggers captures every hit cleanly and precisely and allows me to put on a good show every night!
I have tested many trigger systems for a Czarcie Kopyto pedals and have not been satisfied with any of them. I always had problems with double triggers and settings. With the Kaptor Triggers, the whole story finally came to an end. Easy to set up and without the hassle of hours of tuning with the TM-2 module. Great and solid quality, easy to adjust, very precise and finally a decent cable holder. For me they are the best triggers I have used, tested and played live!
The Kaptors Triggers are really easy to install and very efficient, I don't have to worry about double triggers from other battery cells. I recommend it!
I've been using acoustic drum triggers for more than 15 years, in many different designs. So when I learned about the Kaptor Triggers, I was up to try them and now I can finally say that I'm definitely hooked. Installation was a no brainer and dialing the settings to my playing style took a couple of minutes only. All I can say is that they are reliable, sturdy and precise. The design is clever and one can easily understand that it was created by a drummer for his fellow drummers. I totally recommend them and I'm very honored to be an official member of the Kaptor Triggers family.
I have been using Kaptor Triggers for some time now, and I feel very confident using them on every single occasion. Both live and in the studio. They are very accurate, never misfire or miss any strokes. Installing and adjusting the trigger is very easy thanks to the good design. Once you have installed it, it's very easy to detach it from the pedal too, which is useful sometimes. Having the Kaptor Triggers on my pedals, instead of rim mounted triggers, saves a lot of changeover time at festival shows, where there's a shared backline. Any touring drummer and drum tech know that those are precious minutes!
I used to own the Pintech triggers and Alesis DM5 and gigging with them was just inconvenient, having to change my module settings depending on the situation. Switched to the lazy metal kick pads, but the feel just wasn't natural so I went to look for other options. Got myself a TM-2 and found out about the pedal mounted triggers. No doubt these mounted triggers are a game changer and can do the job of capturing signals, but NOT ALL accurate and built the same. After trying different triggers and countless hours of reading reviews, getting first-hand feedback and Q&A's from fellow drummers in different groups, I easily went for Kaptor Triggers for its quality. The Kaptor Triggers' sensors are made of plastic instead of metal so your pedal and triggers don't beat each other to a scratch, chip or crack. Even at the highest tempos, with your module's threshold dialed down, the precision is maintained. The trigger's housing is heavy duty. They are secured and can absolutely take a lot of beating while absorbing the impact of the foot plate without damaging the triggers or repositioning the sensors. The settings are still exactly the same. It locks, and holds, and absorbs every impact of the footboard without any problem. Thanks Thomas & Kaptor Triggers for having me in the team!
Really easy to install and adjust, can be used on all drums or pads, really the best triggers. Proud to be part of the Kaptor triggers family!
Of all the triggering systems I've been able to test since 2010, Kaptors Triggers are the easiest to use and the most robust! Just install them, plug them into any module, and you've got the most reliable system under your feet. I'm really happy to be part of the family, and to test them is to approve them!
Extreme music requires triggers. I have tried all sorts of triggers and mostly found them to be faulty or with a certain defect. Kaptor triggers give the most quality you can imagine, they are durable and simple. Every hit comes out perfectly, which is very important to me. I am very happy to be part of this story! Thank you for all!


Kaptors are compatible with all the pedals with a base under the footboard.

YES they are compatible with ALL foot techniques ! 

It appears that after a lot of tests we made with other materials, plastic match perfectly with all we ask to a trigger : precision, durability and reactivity ! That’s why we decided to use plastic 🙂


They are very quiet and doesn’t damage your pedal !

YES ! If your module allow dynamics and if you set it up for that!

Pedal triggers are WAY MORE EFFICIENT than head triggers, for many reasons : 

  • They are paired so each trigger takes half less hits than a single head trigger, that allows them to be more precise at very high tempos.
  • Once you’ve set your triggers for your pedals, if you use a different bass drum (like in touring situations where you use common backline) you don’t need to re-set them. That’s very useful and you win a lot of time !
  • Because they are fixed to your pedals, you don’t need to attach them each time you change your bass drum as well AND they are not subject to the vibrations of the other instruments of your drumkit when are hitted so there’s no false triggering from them AT ALL !
  • You can play on a practice pad and still have your bass drum sound from your triggers !


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