Bass drum pedal triggers with Kaptor Mounting System

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Using two double bass drum pedals ? This Item is for you !

It comes with :

  • 2 bass drum pedal triggers
  • 4 Kaptor Mounting System©
  • 8 pieces of super strong 3M™ double face tape
  • 1 Allen key to adjust the height of the Kaptors
  • 1 strong carrying case

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Bass drum pedal triggers with Kaptor Mounting System


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5 reviews for Bass drum pedal triggers with Kaptor Mounting System

  1. Gaël Féret

    The Kaptor Triggers are one of the most accurate and reliable pedal mounted triggers I’ve ever tried. The use of plastic for the sensor is a total game changer as it is extremely solid, silent and prevents the problems of rebound of the footboard on the trigger.
    The holders are a great innovation as you can simply remove the triggers without removing the tape from the pedal and you can install the triggers on another pair of pedals within a few seconds. You can adjust very precisely the height of the triggers with a key and you can be sure that it won’t move, even after numerous intense practice sessions.
    Kaptor Triggers are the definitely the new standards in the pedal mounted triggers market.

  2. César Vesvre

    Solid gear, “under the pedal” way of triggering, Kaptors allow me to use both swivel and heel toe techniques on low tension drumheads. I can set the treshold and sensivity without worrying about a bass amp retrigg or a tom/snare bleed which is a big change from traditional systems.
    The fact that the sensor itself isn’t something you bend, but a defined height you can screw, is a plus and provides a longer lifetime.

  3. Marco Berrettoni (verified owner)

    The kaptor trigger is in my opinion the best trigger on the market today. It is extremely solid and its mounting system, in addition to increasing the stability of the trigger itself, ensures ease of disassembly and reassembly, moving it from one pedal to another and thus avoiding the use of excess adhesive tape. In fact, in the box it is possible to find 4 mounting systems that guarantee the easy use of the triggers on four single pedals or on two double pedals. My favorite aspect of the trigger is that it has a system that allows you to raise and lower the trigger sensor pad to your liking, and its robustness is ensured by an easy-to-use screw. This ensures that even those with very “heavy” feet do not have to reset the trigger every time because the sensor moves down. As if this were not enough, the kaptor trigger has a really dynamic profile that makes it much more beautiful, and obviously functional, than many triggers on the market today and which also cost much more. I really recommend this trigger to everyone and I’m sure I’ll get more in the future.

  4. Laurent Masure (verified owner)

    I’ve been struggling to find a good triggering solution for 2 years now. I started with Axis e-kit, went on to Roland RT-30, then to Footblasters. I thought I found the best when I tried built-in bass drum Trigger, but I still needed a solution for gigs with shared drum setups.
    I bought Kaptor Triggers, at first to try them at it is from a french company, and once settings were found, I never got back to any other trigger.
    I installed them on my beloved Czarcie Kopyto Pedals, set them up once, and never had to adjust them any more, which is a great advantage, as other pedal trigger (with bending plate) tend to move over time.
    The mounting system is simple and very sturdy, and the detection never fails me.
    The quest for best triggers is over.

  5. Clément Denys

    Premier point : au niveau de l’attache à la pédale, c’est un socle en plastique qui permet d’accueillir le capteur, le réglage de la hauteur de celui-ci est désolidarisé de l’attache, donc terminé l’angoisse d’arracher son capteur (ou fragiliser sa stabilité) de la pédale en réglant sa hauteur.

    Durabilité du produit : contrairement à d’autres marques en acier qui finissent par marquer énormément à l’impact, la pédale heurte une surface en plastique qui est faite pour absorber les chocs, il y a également un gros renforcement au niveau du câblage pour éviter les arrachements (chose qui m’est arrivé à deux reprises sur mes précédents capteurs).

    Sensibilité des coups : Je n’ai pas mis longtemps à trouver un réglage adéquat au niveau de mon module TM2, et je dois dire que je joue enfin sereinement mes parties de double sans craindre des coups qui ne passent pas, ou des doubles déclenchements. On trouve une grosse précision sur des rafales courtes, et une “bonne tenue de route” sur des tapis plus longs. Le capteur fait parfaitement le job de ce point de vue là, et c’est un soulagement de pouvoir faire confiance à son matos.

    Si comme moi vous n’avez pas été satisfait des “grosses écuries”, pour ne citer personne, je vous invite vraiment à essayer ce matériel. Thomas est également quelqu’un de très disponible et vous aidera sans soucis en cas de questions.

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